Hand painted bohemian floral patchwork wood and washi tape round tube cord or hemp bead.


SIZE:  approx. a 20x7mm round tube

HOLE SIZE:  fits on fine size bead stringing materials - 1mm cord or hemp - 24-20 gauge wire or headpins - *these were strung on fine waxed linen cord

COLOR & FINISH:  (matte and semi gloss finish) - navy pink floral washi tape, pink, ivy green turquoise tribal design, bronze stripe and ends, khaki polka dot

MATERIALS:  plain brown wood beads, paint, washi tape, sealers

STYLE:  bohemian, floral, gypsy, hippie

PACKAGE SIZE:  4 beads

PRICE:  $8.25 - CLEARANCE:  $2.95

Wood Round Tube Navy Pink Turquoise/20x7mm/Pkg. 4


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